Data Visualizer - Benefits

BI platform

Hovitaga Data Visualizer is designed to provide a self-service BI platform instantly usable by nontechnical users. Business decision makers do not have to involve the IT department to create new reports anymore.

Maximize the ROI of SAP investments

Maximize the ROI

You can maximize the ROI of previous investments with Hovitaga Data Visualizer by reusing of existing data sources. Every penny invested in the development of SAP reports, queries or InfoCubes will have extra value if the business data is presented in a much more informative way.


The TCO of other BI solutions is usually fairly high. A new server must be purchased with software, which adds extra tasks for the IT staff. The end-users must be trained to be able to use complex software, consultants must be paid to create the data warehouse. Each time a new query is needed, a person with strong technical skills must create it which adds even more to the total costs of the query. Hovitaga Data Visualizer eliminates all these expenses due to the easy installation, the intuitive easy-to-use user interface and the lack of need to create a new data warehouse.


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