Data Visualizer - FAQ



  • What is Hovitaga Data Visualizer?

    Hovitaga Data Visualizer is a lightweight OLAP analysis tool primarily for SAP systems. It can visualize SAP reports, queries and tables with maps, charts, pivot grid and more easy to read controls. It can also connect to SAP BW directly to visualize InfoCubes. Hovitaga Data Visualizer is a Microsoft Silverlight application that can be used in out-of-browser mode as a standalone application.

  • Why is it a breakthrough solution?
    It’s the first Silverlight based self service BI platform that can connect directly to SAP without any mapping, transformation or data replication. It provides a state-of-the-art user interface with many interactive features to visualize SAP business data. Existing SAP reports, queries, tables and InfoCubes can be used as data sources of data. An automatic geocoding feature makes the creation of interactive maps possible, even if only address data is available. All business data can be analyzed in real-time without loading or transformation.
  • Why do I need it?
    Hovitaga Data Visualizer is designed to provide a self-service BI platform instantly usable by non-technical users. Business decision makers do not have to involve the IT department to create new reports anymore. You can maximize the ROI of previous investments by reus­ing of existing data sources. Every penny invested in the development of SAP reports, queries or InfoCubes will have extra value if the business data is presented in a much more informative way.
  • What is the TCO?

    The overall TCO can be very low due to the lack of additional hardware and software costs and because the implementation does not require any programming.

  • What will be my ROI?
    The ROI is hard to estimate, since using Hovitaga Data Visualizer comes down to better business decisions. We provide a better way to analyze your data and to react quicker to chenges in your business.
  • What languages does it support?
    Right now only the English version is available. Translating to other languages can be done on request.
  • What technology was used for development?
    Hovitaga Data Visualizer is developed using the .NET framework 4.0 and Silverlight 4. A few ABAP function modules may be installed on the SAP system depending on the type of data sources the customer wants to use.
  • What are the system requirements?

    The free Silverlight runtime must be installed on the client machines.

  • How long does it take to install it?
    Depending on the hosting method it may vary. Since no programming is required and SAP data sources are instantly reusable, the implementation is much shorter than typical BI solution implementations.
  • Do you provide on-site training?
    Yes, we provide.
  • Can unauthorized users access my critical business data?
    No, Hovitaga Data Visualizer uses all SAP authority checks that are defined in the SAP system. If a user has no rights to view certain data in SAP, he/she won’t have authorization to view it with Data Visualizer either.
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