Data Visualizer - Overview

Bring out more from your SAP system

  • Transform plain ALV reports and SAP queries to interactive charts, maps and more
  • Connect to SAP Business Warehouse directly and visualize your InfoCubes
  • Geocode any business data to create interactive maps
  • No additional hardware, software and IT maintenance team necessary
  • No programming, no ETL, no field mapping required, can work out of the box
  • Buffer the results of reports with long runtime to reduce load on the SAP system
  • Create dashboards from multiple data sources to have an overview of your business
  • Reuse your SAP reports, Queries, access SAP tables without any effort
  • Perform OLAP analysis on SAP data directly without any mapping, metadata creation or data replication

Executive overview

Every customer who uses SAP relies on reports. Whether standard ones shipped by SAP or developed specifically for the customer, those are crucial elements  of the whole IT solution. Every business process comes down to SAP reports at the end. Business users use reports throughout their daily jobs and decision makers rely on monthly, quarterly and yearly reports. A very common tool besides R/3 reports is SAP Query. It offers the possibility to build reports without ABAP  coding, but at the end data is still displayed with a simple list. Almost all reports have a simple list as an output as well, with very basic features. The user interface of SAP Business Warehouse is still based on Microsoft Excel and it does not offer the latest visualization possibilities.

Our goal was to enhance the presentation of data with the latest technologies available.

The concept is to use the SAP reports, Queries and BW InfoCube queries only to fetch the data to be displayed, and use the state-of-the-art technologies to  visualize it. Hovitaga Data Visualizer uses Microsoft Silverlight technology to leverage the best of both worlds: gather the data from SAP and visualize it with Silverlight.

Hovitaga Data Visualizer is a lightweight solution for real-time OLAP analysis and data visualization primarily for SAP systems. It can present data with a pivot grids, maps, charts, gauges, treemaps and lists. Dashboards can be created with drag and drop which may gather data from different systems to give decision makers stunning interfaces to have an overview of key business data at one place.

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