Notification System - Benefits


  • Alerting system for SAPCommunication becomes quicker which implies more efficient work
  • System availability increases, faster correction of errors
  • Enhanced correspondence with clients
  • Simple decision support
  • Reduction of costs


Typical customer requirements

  • Plant Maintenance: automatic alert for the technician, if a PM Notification
    or PM order is created on
  • XI: alert if a high priority file process fails
  • Alert if a job fails
  • Notification for the customer if a Purchase Order is created
  • Notification email to the Sold-to-party and SMS to the Ship-to-party when a Sales Order is created
  • SMS alert to the Vendor (even to multiple phone numbers) if a Purchase Order is created and released
  • SMS alert if the status of a Solution Manager message changes
  • Alert if a BI Process chain fails
  • Alert if a file is not created (payment media or interface file etc.)
  • Sending SMS as part of an escalation workflow process
  • Payment alert system: notify the vendor in email or SMS if a payment is released
  • Email and sms notification inside the company and to the vendor, if a Quality Notification is created, attaching the Smartform printout of the Quality Notification
  • Notification to people assigned to a certain equipment, if a break down slip with notification type M2 is created
  • SMS to the vendor if goods arrive


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