Notification System - FAQ



  • What is Hovitaga Notification System?
    Hovitaga Notification System is an alerting and messaging framework for SAP systems. It is tightly integrated with other SAP components like Workflow, CCMS, Business Objects Repository, BI and SapOffice. It allows SMS, email, and fax communication within and outside the company. It can be used as part of business processes, for IT alerting and for communication with business partners.
  • Why is it a breakthrough solution?
    The content creation wizard is exceptionally flexible but user friendly, allowing users to create dynamic messages with dynamic attachments. If the notification is sent to multiple recipients, the contents of the message can be different, so it can be used for mass messaging to customers or business partners. There are a lot of scheduling options, including using Business Object events, user exits, standard job scheduling or integrating with CCMS alerts. Our Notification System can also send notifications as a reply to an incoming email or SMS.
  • Why do I need it?
    Communication becomes quicker with our Notification System, which implies more efficient every day work and reduction of costs.  System availability can be increased due to faster correction of errors if IT staff is notified by sms or email when a critical error happens. Correspondence with clients can be enhanced with the use of sms or email for business processes like dunning or confirmations. The Notification System can be used for simple decision support, if business data (reports, queries) is distributed amongst business decision makers.
  • What is the TCO?
    The overall TCO is very low since there are no hardware costs and the implementation of the framework itself can be done in a day by one basis administrator. We provide consulting to set up the system to a production-ready state, and we do trainings as well. We provide two levels of support and it is possible to purchase our Notification System without no support at all.
  • What will be my ROI?
    The ROI of implementing Hovitaga Notification System can be less than a year. The cost reduction resulting from higher SAP system availability, quicker communication can be significant. In certain industries like insurance and utilities correspondance cost savings can be tremendous, since the costs of emails and sms are much lower than printed dunning letters.
  • What languages does it support?
    Right now only the English version is available. Translating to other languages can be done on request.
  • What technology was used for development?
    Hovitaga Notification System is 100% written in ABAP. It resides in the SAP system just like any other ABAP report.
  • What are the system requirements?
    SAP Basis Components 6.20 is the only requirement.
  • How long does it take to install it?
    The actual installation of the framework is a few minutes. SAPOffice must be configured (if it’s not configured already), which may take a day for a basis administrator. Finally the notifications have to be set up and have to be scheduled/triggered. The time requirement depends on the business needs (number and complexity of notifications).
  • Do you provide on-site training?
    Yes, we provide.
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