OpenSQL Editor - FAQ



  • What is Hovitaga OpenSQL Editor?

    It is an SQL editor for SAP packed with innovative features. It’s an ABAP add-on and it is an extension of the ABAP Workbench.

  • Why is it a breakthrough solution?
    Until now, there were no tools provided by SAP or any third party that is capable of executing any OpenSQL command within an SAP system. Every time developers or consultants wanted to see the contents of the database, they had to use limited and complicated tools such as transactions SE11 and SE16. The other option was the time-consuming writing of a separate report in the Z namespace. We provide our OpenSQL Editor as an intuitive, feature-rich and easy-to-use tool for querying the SAP database with OpenSQL commands and displaying the results instantly.
  • Why do I need it?
    Since many time-consuming tasks can be solved with Hovitaga OpenSQL Editor much quicker than before, you can spare much time and money. Code quality can be increased since all OpenSQL commands can be tested and analyzed. Reports and charts can be created very quickly and easily without any additional ABAP coding. Code maintenance costs are reduced, since many database related flaws can be discovered earlier with our OpenSQL Editor.
  • Where can I see a demo?

    We have created demonstration videos that are available in the Videos section of our webpage. 

  • What is the TCO?
    The overall TCO is very low since there are no hardware costs and the implementation can be done in a day by one basis administrator. There is no need for any on-site consulting or training (however we provide if needed), we hand over detailed end user documentation. We provide two levels of support and it is possible to purchase OpenSQL Editor without no support at all.
  • What will be my ROI?
    The payback period is around six months depending on the number of SAP systems and support level. The ROI is considerably higher if we include indirect benefits like better code quality, quicker time-to-market, job satisfaction etc.
  • What languages does it support?

    Right now English and German translation is available. Translating to other languages can be done on request.

  • What technology was used for development?

    Hovitaga OpenSQL Editor is 100% written in ABAP. It resides in the SAP system just like any other ABAP report.

  • What are the system requirements?

    The program runs on SAP 4.6C but some features require SAP Netweaver 7.00 (aka. 2004s) or above.

  • How long does it take to install it?

    The technical installation is really quick. Simply import the transport requests you receive and that's it. A few number ranges and text types must be set up, but that's just a matter of minutes. Setting up the authorizations may take some time depending on the number of users and roles in your system.

  • Do you provide on-site training?

    Yes, we do.

  • Can unauthorized users access my critical business data?

    No. Our OpenSQL Editor uses multiple authority objects provided by SAP and used by most of the customers worldwide. This means that if those authority objects are already configured in an SAP system, no additional effort is required. Hovitaga OpenSQL Editor provides row based authorizations and column level authorizations also. Any number of authorization objects can be assigned to database tables, so every query will check if the user has the necessary authorizations to work with the required data.

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