Report Generator - FAQ



  • What is Hovitaga Report Generator?

    It is an ABAP add-on for SAP systems that accelerates reporting.

  • Why is it a breakthrough solution?
    It can generate standard SAP reports based on OpenSQL commands. Simply create a select command that will serve as the basis for the report, and then the report can be generated with a few clicks. Several hundreds of code lines can be generated and this way a lot of development time can be spared.
  • Why do I need it?

    Reporting tasks can be completed in much shorter time. The development time for a typical ABAP report can be reduced to a few minutes, since the programmers do not need to type in hundreds of lines every time they create a report. IT costs can be reduced significantly if ad-hoc reporting is assisted with Hovitaga Report Generator.

  • Where can I see a demo?

    Check out the videos on our youtube channel or on our website.

  • What is the TCO?
    The TCO is very low, since there are no hardware costs and no further software license costs. The IT people do not need additional training since the Report Generator can be used with basic ABAP or SAP knowledge.
  • What will be my ROI?
    The even the short term ROI is pretty high, since ABAP development and consulting time can be reduced significantly, which are usually expensive resources.
  • What languages does it support?

    Right now English and German translation is available. Translating to other languages can be done on request.

  • What technology was used for development?

    Hovitaga Report Generator is 100% written in ABAP. It resides in the SAP system just like any other ABAP report.

  • What are the system requirements?

    The program runs on SAP 4.6C but some features require SAP Netweaver 7.00 (aka. 2004s) or above.

  • How long does it take to install it?
    The technical installation is really quick. Simply import the transport requests you receive and almost that's it. A few number ranges and text types have to be set up, but that is only a matter of minutes.
  • Do you provide on-site training?

    Yes, we provide.

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