Tolnatej uses Hovitaga Report Generator - 2011.05.20

Case study: Tolnatej implements Hovitaga Report Generator

Tolnatej PLC. - which markets its products under the brand Tolle - has contacted us asking for a demo of our Hovitaga Report Generator. The head of IT provided us a list of several reporting requirements that they were facing at that time. Our job was to show how easily those tasks can be done with our product.

About a week later, our collegues went to the headquarters of Tolnatej and made a two hour long demonstration. All of the reporting requirements could be solved with Hovitaga Report Generator in a very quick and effective way. Standard SAP reports were generated during the demo, which perfectly matched the reporting needs. Actually two of those reports could be used right after the presentation!

Hovitaga Report Generator made a very good impression on the IT department as they immediately purchased licenses for all of their SAP systems.


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